Scholarships help a person with the passion to learn piano, but not the ability to pay, so they aren’t blocked by money from learning and enjoying piano.



SINCE 05/03/2020

Why Scholarships?

We know even at a reduced cost, there is still poverty in the world, and some people will be in a situation where they can't pay. Imagine if Beethoven grew up in a family where they didn’t have the money to give him lessons? Humanity would never have 'Moonlight Sonata', or his other symphonies and great works. By enabling as many people as possible to learn, we increase the chance of training the next Beethoven and more importantly, spread the joy of piano to all those who feel it calling them.

How do scholarships works?

If someone is unable to pay due to their situation, they begin by applying for a scholarship. Because we want scholarships to go to those who will make the most of it, we require information to help us understand their situation and why they’d make good use of a scholarship.

Once the application is complete, we will review it manually and make a decision. Once a decision is made, the applicant will recieve an email letting them know if they were approved or not. If approved they will immediately have 1 year of full access. If they still require a scholarship after a year, they can reapply for another year as many times as needed, however each time they will still need to be approved again. When you sponsor someone, you’ve given a real person 1 year free access.

piano planet is committed to fostering an inclusive community

Buy One, Give One

For each year pledged for Piano Planet, we’ll give another a scholarship on your behalf so others can also have the opportunity to learn music.

Need a scholarship?

If you are in a tough financial position, you can apply for a scholarship below, and if approved, you’ll have full access to learn!