We believe music is a universal language that brings us all together.

That humanity is better off because of music. That music enriches those who learn it with; empathy for others, creativity, self confidence, discipline, and gives them a voice to express themselves in a deeply personal way.

Music is a universal language

The problem we see is, for all of human history learning music has been expensive and limited to a select few.

But new technologies create learning opportunities to solve those problems in ways that have never existed until today! There is so much that can be improved and made more efficient to make the piano learning experience better than it has ever been before.

Piano inclusive learning

We’re on a mission to empower others to reach all the dreams they’ve ever had with piano; to support their growth, and to let them blossom into something all of humanity can benefit from.

We have a burning desire to bring humanity a true option for anyone with a passion to learn piano, the opportunity to actually master piano well enough to enjoy it for themselves, to perform for others, and to share their voice with the world.

Piano Planet empowering students